Started a new YouTube channel for my flock!

Awesome, I'll check it out :) What's the name of your original channel? I'll check that out too if you want.
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Thanks! My other channel is under DJCraziAce.

And yeah, we've got some punny names, including:

Michael Cluck Duncan
Lindsey Lohen
Scarlett Johensen
Christina Hendrix
Feather Locklear
Heidi Plume
Chicki Minaj
Cluckies Ann Cream

Lindsey Lohen, Buffy and Chicki Minaj are the best names, Oh and Heidi Plume of course :lol: How many more chicken puns have you got up your sleeve?
I'll go look up your other channel now :)
Or Henvis Presley.. yeah that doesn't work quite as well does it? lol
your other channel is a little too techy for me, I really don't understand much of it, unfortunately.
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