Started another set today

I'm about to throw 6 Silver Pencilled Rock bantams in the bator. And maybe a few random Cochin or EE eggs from my flock.
Since getting a baby chick out of the present incubation, I am going to set some more as soon as I have a free bator. I think I am totally addicted.
I have another " handbuilt" plywood bator that I havn't plugged in this year yet , about 125 capicity on both but I have never filled them usually hatch about 40 to 60 at a time .
Well I have 2 bators but their both being used ATM. When I bought these 2 at the flea market they had a total of 6, each was $10. I bought one and then decided to go buy another one. I think I should have bought all of them when I went up there the second time. I didn't know this would be so addicting but I am totally hooked. Any seats left at the table for Chicken Hatchers Anonymous?
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