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    I have to run into town (60 miles) later this morning, I figured I'd pickup more starter/grower. Are there any particular brands that are better than others? I'm currently using DuMor 20%, my chicks are about a week and a half old. The feed will be fermented regardless.
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    Hey, I work at a feedstore, and we carry Purina and Nutrena.... competitors.... which is unheard of!!! We were originally Purina dealers, (NO, NOT NESTLE PURINA, PURINA MILLS... so our DOG/CAT food is under the name "Exclusive" and "Infinia")... so we typically recommend "Purina first."

    However, as a student of animal science with a particular interest in nutrition, I am ever curious about what our animals SHOULD eat, as opposed to what is cheap and convenient for us.

    First and foremost- for Start/Grow Feeds, you should Feed at least 1 50lb bag of medicated feed to your babies before switching to non medicated or fancy organic feeds to prevent coccidiosis infection. When you first transfer them outside, I would again recommend having them on medicated feed. Keep the chicks on Start/Grow food until they are 18-20 weeks old or you see an egg. Once you are at that time, you can switch to your choice of layer feed.

    Sun fresh Recipes, Medicated or Nonmedicated. Ingredients: Corn, Soy, etc...
    Start Grow Medicated or Nonmedicated. Ingredients: Grain products, Grain by products, etc.
    Organic Start and Grow. Non Medicated. Ingredients: Organic Corn, Organic Soy, etc

    Naturewise Chick Start Grow. Non Medicated. Ingredients: Corn, Soy, etc.
    Countryfeeds Chick Starter Grower Medicated. Ingredients: Grain Products, Grain By Products, etc.
    Countryfeeds Chick Starter Grower NonMedicated. Ingredients: Grain Products, Grain byproducts, etc.
    Nature Smart Organic Chick Starter Grower. Nonmedicated. Ingredients: Organic Corn, organic Soy, etc.

    These are all the Chick feeds I'm familiar with. I'm off the clock off course, so I don't know their ingredients entirely or exactly, but I'm pretty sure they are all 18% protein.
    All of these feeds contain corn, wheat and soy... which are all ingredients I personally don't like in other animal feeds! I'm just starting my own research for my chicks to find other options, but for now these are the only ones I know of. As far as I can tell, the only differences are the price and the names on the bag.... hoping I can find something different.
    As with all things... the bag doesn't matter! It's the ingredients and the guaranteed analysis on the bag or tag that counts!!!
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