Starting A Waiting List for Spring 2013 Hatching eggs


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Jun 27, 2012
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Hello from Dirty Ankle Acres!!

We are excited about spring 2013 hatching season (starts February-March depending on egg production) and will be offering hatching eggs in Large Fowl, Bantam, Water fowl and quail l in the following breeds:

We test fertility before offering eggs to the public and i can only guarantee your hatch rates based upon mine, Once the eggs are in the hands of USPS it is out of my control. I pack as securely as possibly and will always include extras to be on the safe side.

Shipping depends on your location but normally runs around $15.00

You can see some of our breeds and prices listed on our website below. If you do not see the breed you are interested in just send me a PM on here or use the contact me on our website.

Large Fowl:
B/B/S Ameraucanas
New Hampshire Reds
Black Jersey Giants
French Black Copper Marans
Golden Cuckoo Marans
Cuckoo Marans
Mixed Polish
Olive Eggers
Easter Eggers
Black Penedesenecas
White Leghorn

Juvis Growing out will be laying middle-late summer 2013
Brown Leghorn
White Plymouth Rock
Colombian Plymouth Rock
White Cornish.


Mottle Bearded D'anvers
Rhode Island Red
BBS Cuckoo and Golden Cuckoo Marans
Japanese Bantams
Red Cochins

Waterfowl: Pekin, Indian Runner, Muscovy, Buff Orpington, Blue/Black Swedish, and African Grey Geese

Courtinix Quail

Current Projects:

Dark Egg Layers ( a mix of Penedesenca, Maran and RIR/Gold Comets)
Mottled Ameraucanas
Frizzled French Black Copper Marans

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I am new to this. I live part time in the Philippines and plan to carry over on the 747 a couple of dozen great egg laying breed hatching eggs. (I have checked TSA and can carry them - i will worry about Philippines customs when I arrive). I fly over every few months. Which of your breeds would you recommend for tropics that are good layers and when would you expect your hens to start producing eggs?
I would like to know more about the bantam olive eggers and the bantam easter eggers. What are the parent stock to make these 2 breeds. I am leaning towards getting the easter eggers. But might be interested in getting some of both.

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