Starting Over? Who's Done It?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mahsmaj, Mar 8, 2012.

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    So, I am thinking about selling my entire flock and starting over with one breed. Well, I might keep one or two of my favorites.. Anyway, how many of you have done this? How did it work out for you? Any pros and/or cons? I would like to switch to a breed that lays a lot of large eggs, is cold and heat tolerant, and will hatch and raise their young every once in a while. Any breed suggestions? Thanks in advance!! :D
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    I'm planning the same thing and I'm just a little south of you.
    I feel you for the hot and cold tolerant thing. This is a tough climate for chickens during the extremes with humidity to boot.
    You can see the breeds I have in my signature. They're in 4 separate flocks. I just built a breeder coop/complex for Penes and have no more room so except for a couple favs, I'm considering selling all but the Black Penedesencas. They're a great bird for so many reasons but the only drawback is roo combs and wattles. Even this mild winter some had serious frostbite.
    Contrary to what I preach about keeping birds for your climate and not providing heat, next winter I'm putting the boys in a heated bachelor pad that they'll stay in whenever it's below say 20.

    My BOs lay very well, handle the cold well and survived a few summers without slacking off and they go broody occasionally so that could be a good breed for you.
    Ameraucanas frequently go broody for me, I get a good number of very large green eggs and they never seem to suffer in temp extremes.
    Broody and great layers of large eggs don't always go together.
    Delawares and Sussex may be your best choice there or keep a few cochins or banties to do the mothering with your single breed flock.

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