Starting the 9th month and still no eggs!


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I am at lose for words! I have the right amount of daylight for them. I have dusted them, wormed them...... Given 25lbs of laying pellets every 2 days... fresh water daily.... Maintained a clean yard & coop.... Snake proofed the Coop.... And still my 27 chickens refuse to lay. I need a chicken psychologist! Does anyone out there have any ideas for me?

6: Barred Rocks
6: Buff Orpingtons
5: Rhode Island Reds
10: Production Reds
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Well these are all pretty early bloomers so tha t rules out my idea of slower maturing breeds. Sounds like enough pellets for the number you have maybe try adding some grain like scratch or oats to their diet and any green stuff you could give. I let mine graze every evening weather permiting. I live in La. also so its not the temps. or daylight yet. the only other thing is their sex and at nine months they should be very ID-able.
They are all definitely female except for one I am in question of. One of the rhode island reds has a comb 2 or 3 times as big as the others combs... but if this one is a male.... why then am I not hearing him crowing in the morning...
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I've got some 7 month old's and some 5 month olds and only 2 of that group of 25 are giving me eggs.

I have one that is 13 months old and still hasn't laid an egg.

I had a couple last year that waited till they were 10-11 months old. Sorry not what you wanted to hear. But on the good side they've layed almost daily since December.

Maybe late maturer. I have 6to7mo BR male no crowing yet but breeding and talking to his girls or the ones that'll him come around he hasn't even started challenging the other older hens yet. so some are just slower in developing than others. Boy I sure hope you get the laying to come around soon. My neighbor has pullets the same age as my newest layers about 6mos. and hers aren't laying yet either. I told her if they don't start soon they might not lay all winter and that could get sort of costly. So good luck with yours.
If I didn't see so many of these posts I'd think my latest chickens were duds. Last year we had three batches of chicks and they all are producing. Then this year nothing.

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