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    Jun 24, 2013
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    Just recieved an email that my incubator will be here tuesday-so the selection process begins today. I plan on setting 20 eggs.

    I will be raising roos for meat and thr hens will go into the flock.

    So far i have selected
    Sumatra/australorp x easter egger (2)
    Rhode island red x rhode island red (2)
    Buff orpington x easter egger (2)
    White leghorn x easter egger (2)
    Black australorp x rhode island red
    Easter egger x easter egger (both blue genes) (4)
    New hampshire x rhode island red (2)
    Barred plymouth rock x rhode island red
    Barred plymouth rock x easter egger (2)
    Red comet x rhode island red
    New hampshire x easter egger

    Since i want meaty birds im choosing the heaviest hens-but if i hatch more pullets i am also selecting my most reliable layers (just in case im the 1/1000000 that ends up with more pullets).

    Im excited to see my mutts-i can only imaginethe patterns some of these birds could end up with!
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Good luck with your hatch! Sounds like you will have a nice assortment of EE and red chicks. Especially keeping fingers crossed you get blue laying pullets from the White Leghorn X EE eggs, they make wonderful laying EEs.

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