starting to snow here and i dont want to use a heat light

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    May 5, 2012
    i was wondering if i don't use a heat light for winter will my chickens stop laying eggs? and also if anyone has some free time can you go to my pics and help me identify my my chicken breeds. i am new to raising poultry this year and am having much success but am willing to have any help on things.
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    Chickens will lay in the winter - especially in their first season of laying - they just may not lay as many eggs due to the shorter days. Many people do put lights on their birds to encourage laying over the winter. In my personal opinion, it is better not to, as I believe in doing things as naturally as possible. Egg laying is a very intensive task and I think it is good for hens to have a chance to slow down and take a break. Allowing them a break means fewer health issues relating to laying (egg bound etc), and allows them to lay for longer. Because bottom line, the hen is born with all the eggs she will ever lay, so you won't get more eggs out of her by forcing laying on the shorter days - you'll just decrease the number of years she is a laying hen at all.
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    Dec 21, 2010
    I completely agree with HEChicken, though I know numerous chicken owners who feel they are feeding the chicken year round, so the chicken should produce year round. But egg laying depends more on light (length of day) than on heat - no reason to use a heat lamp, just a plain bulb should suffice. Some folks even use ropes of LED holiday lights - they use less power and are cool so less chance of a coop fire.

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