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  1. Hello,
    We had these lovely TRADERS threads for each state, or most states.
    You could subscribe to that thread, get updates via email on ONLY YOUR AREA, see what your local people had and wanted and keep in touch with your nearby friends. Which made everything SO EASY, local, no worries about money exchanges

    Now... they are gone.
    We have been redirected to WTB in the BSA system. [​IMG]

    What did we do wrong? WTB and the BSA system aren't even close to what we had in those threads.
    It was a BIG part of my community feel here to be in direct REGULAR contact with my "neighbors", trading, bartering & just keeping in touch in general.

    I haven't successfully posted a single bird for sale in the new BSA system because I can't figure out how to make it work for that. There is no fixed price when I sell a bird, there are too many variations to the auction, different birds for sale which require multiple auctions or one long confusing one, I just don't know how to make it work for selling birds. And the first time I did a BSA for birds, someone bid on them and backed out.. didn't even "mean to place a bid". So it ended up being a waste of time & effort. It works ok for my seeds & stuff, but birds are different. The trade threads were the last place available on BYC to post what chickens you had or were looking for, in a non sales format and we were able to reach our neighbors with that information directly. It was the best way ever to sell or trade birds (compared to craigslist, my own website, other subsriber sites, BSA and even the previous Sale format)... the trade threads were THE BEST and basically ENSURED that I would be able to re-home or trade almost any bird.

    I will miss our Trade threads greatly. I was subscribed to 4 of them as I am centrally located in that region.

    Thank you for letting me share my perspective.
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