Stayed in coop one day; nesting box the next; dead on the 3rd day. Diarrhea

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  1. Amis

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    Jan 27, 2015
    So, my little red hen stayed inside the coop on a cold day, but otherwise seemed ok. The other 4 were out in their yard. The next day she stayed in the nesting box. I brought her inside that afternoon, hoping that being warm would help her to heal. She had very watery poops and I didn't feel an egg. She ate and drank a bit. The next morning she was laying quietly. A little later her eyes were closed and her breathing labored. Within the hour I heard her move a bit and then she was dead.

    So far the other girls are healthy. Any clues what got her?
  2. TheOtherTurtle

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    Jan 28, 2015
    Do you think it could be bird flu? It seems to be everywhere all of the sudden.
  3. cafarmgirl

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    There are many, many things it could have been and only a necropsy would tell you for sure. Birds hide illness extremely well so that we may not notice symptoms until they are very sick and at the point of death. How old was this bird? Had she been laying regularly? Have they ever been dewormed and checked for mites? Any new birds brought in recently that might have brought along a new strain of coccidiosis? Those are some of the most common considerations as well as cancers and other problems with major organs or the reproductive tract are all possibilities.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Welcome to BYC. I agree with cafarmgirl. When you lose a chicken from an unknown cause, it is wise to get a necropsy done on a refrigerated body sent to the state vet. In some states it can be free or low cost. Here is a link to finding your state vet:

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