Step 1 of conviencing! HELP!


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Feb 27, 2010
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Ok, well I made a decision! I want the Conure . I have done alot of research, and I feel like it is the best bird for me. I have talked to my mom about it, and she really doesnt answer...
Now I got to get my parents to agree to get it and keep it inside! Any tips on conviencing?
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Feb 6, 2010
I was in your same boat, my mom wasn't for it at either, I wanted a either a green cheek or a sun conure. If I were you I would wait. First because you don't know what you want for sure, I've been reading your post and not that long ago you were going to get a cockatiel, then conure, now a parakeet. I would give it until you know for sure what you want. Then go from there, after making up your mind 100% start buying the the thing you'll need for it. Once you have everything for it, tell them your getting it. If they are aware of you buying stuff, they'll see how much you want a bird, and unless they stop you from buying the thing you'll need for it, odds are when you say alright I'm getting the bird they'll let you.

P.S. At the time I was putting everything together to get the sun conure I was on winter break, and didn't have a job. When I got a job a month later and the spring semester started, I thought it was best to wait as I wouldn't of had much time to spend with it. You should think ahead months, years down the road because if you plans or life change your poor bird will feel the side effects. Hope all go's well.
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Aug 11, 2009
You might not want to tell them that conures can bite hard too, LOL

If you don't mind a smaller bird I would get something such as a Canarie or some finches.


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Sep 11, 2009
Parakeets are generally quieter than the bigger birds, although our english budgie can warble when she wants to! I'd actually recommend a cockatiel--they whistle sometimes but over all don't have any loud, screechy calls. They can be very tame and loving, talk a little bit if you're REALLY lucky, and are still fairly small birds. We had one named Peanut that was absolutely the most charming bird I've ever met. Unfortunately, we got her from a very sketchy family in northern MA and she got very ill and died in a short amount of time. We were getting ready to rush her to the emergency vet when she died in my hand. It was awful.

As far as the convincing is concerned, fairly quiet birds, not too expensive (and you can usually get a large cage for free or cheap on Freecycle or Craigslist) and can be quite affectionate. You can handle parakeets with a lot of work but they don't really like it. However, I've met tons of handtamed cockatiels who can't get enough attention! They have small poops, don't smell all that much if you keep them clean, and if they do bite it's not as bad as a bigger bird!


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Apr 29, 2010
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I'm just going to add, there are many people who keep parrots that still dont know what kind they want. I have a cockatiel and budgies and want a senegal. You will find things charming about different birds for different reasons. As a 'tiel owner I can tell you the dust they produce is not good for your lungs and requires a lot of work to control, all birds produce dust but 'tiels and cockatoos are the worst. The budgies are loud but after a few weeks they tend to blend with all the other noises unless you'd sitting 6 feet away from them. Male budgies can bond very close to their people, are playful and can talk, hens dont make such great pets.
I recently rehomed one of my babies that my pair produced, the total set up with toys, cage, perches food, ect. was $45. The bird went free as she was going to a friend and I can use her for breeding if I want.


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Jul 8, 2007
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If you got them to get you chickens, you can get them to get you any other animal. You just have to prove yourself responsible for the job.



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Jan 27, 2009
Just a thought for thinking on. Birds like these can live a long time. You have a lot of time right now, but will have the time when go to college, or start a family. When you are as young as you sound like, (having to ask the parents for anything is young) will you have the time for a long commitment to the bird. Birds bond with people and a bird that bonds with a teenager, may never be happy with you growing up. I know I had a bird that only liked teenage girls. They always grow up and where does that leave the bird?


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Mar 29, 2009
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i agree with everyone else...

but i also wanted to put my two cents in for you to look into both parrotlets, adorable tiny parrots with huge personalities and the cutest little voices!, and the lineolated parakeet, who is another small bird with great talking ability and a clown like personality. both very easy for a "beginner" dont have huge voices and while they can give ya a good bite being smaller than a conure they do less damage if they do. get a hand fed bird from a good breeder and be prepared to spend TONS of time with it!

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