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    So I just confirmed with the town hall that we are not allowed to have chickens. We live in a small town in Western New York that prides itself in its rural roots, yet won't let anyone with less than 7 acres keep chickens.

    So, what is the first step I would take if I wanted to put up a fight and try to get the law changed? Should I write a proposal and take it to the town hall? If so, does anyone who has been through this before have an example?

    It would be nice to have a 'Change the Law' packet in this forum which someone could download as a starting point. It could have data on other favorable chicken laws, a list of benefits of keeping chickens, a petition statement form... just a thought.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Well, how to make or change local law really depends on your type of local government. That's really a separate thing than the subject of the law you wish to change or create.

    For example, where I live, we have Town Meeting government, and that form of local rule has its own unique rules of procedure. A City or Borough form of government will each have their unique own rules of procedure. Such procedures for each form of government are created by your State Legislature.

    The town clerk is the place to start to learn how law is made in your town, city, borough, country or township. The town clerk is person in charge of the administrative process of bringing new proposed laws through the local legislative process.

    So I’d start with a phone call to your town clerk. Every US citizen has a right protected by the 14th Amendment to effect change in your community. It doesn't need to be done by politicans, and all you need to do is ask the town clerk "I have a situation there a local ordnance is silent on my legal issue, and I'd like to propose to change this ordnance. How do I do that? What's the process?"

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