Sticktick Fleas

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    Jul 15, 2016
    I purchased 2 hens today (about 3 months old) that seemed healthy, nice feathers, weight, etc. I put them in the coop with my 2 other chickens that are 3 months old as well. Later in the afternoon I noticed brown little mite-like looking bugs on the new hens' faces. I separated them immediately. 1 of my current hens had 2 on her face vs the new ones had about 12 each on their faces. I did some research and concluded they are sticktick fleas.

    I put Vaseline on hens effected areas to suffocate the fleas. I also cleaned out the coop and sprinkled DE everywhere. The 2 new hens are still separated because they seemed to have it much worse.

    Any advise on:

    1. Should I continue to treat the new hens and keep them, or return them tomorrow?

    2. Any other ways to treat the birds and area? I have a dog that frequently is around the coop, and I don't want her to get them.

    Thank you in advance for the advise! It is very much appreciated.

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