Sticky shut eye


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
n ireland
I have searched and found information on this topic here but just wanted to clarify something. My poor banty had a shut tight eye which I put antibiotic eye cream on and wiped with saline solution and got the eyelid opened.
I rang my vet who said I should add the antibiotic for a few days to see how she goes. The eye looked yellow and I could not actually see an eye ball. The banty is eating and looks happy enough otherwise. I have separated her from the others today as I am worried she will give the infection if that is what it is to the others. Should I keep her and give her a chance or will she be better off culled. I cant bare to cull myself though I will have to get someone else to do it, probably the vet.
This is the first health problem I have had.

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