Stiff black comb and wattles


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May 18, 2015
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I posted a week ago because my BO hen suddenly had spreading black marks on her comb and wattles and crazy swelling, including on her ankles and feet. I still have no clue what caused it, but happy to report that with antibiotics and supportive care, the swelling is going down and she’s acting more like herself, so organ failure seems out. My question is, her wattles are now mostly black and even though not swollen anymore, they are very stiff. Same with the part of her comb that turned black. It seems like it could snap off! Anyone encounter this? I’m wondering what I can do to help her skin return to normal. It feels like a completely different texture than the normal parts.


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Ive never seen that. Maybe @speckledhen could help?

Other than frostbite, which it can't be this time of year, I don't know of something that turns a comb completely black that way. It's really strange. Fowl pox has nodules/lesions, but this is very odd. Never seen anything quite like it. @1muttsfan, Mary, have you seen this before?

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