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8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Newark, DE
Got my 2 red sex links i think just over 2 months ago and I just noticed something on them yesterday. The right side of their chest seemed to hang lower than the left and when i felt it, it felt like a fluid sac. It was like that on both of them so I figured it might be normal(I just dont know what it was), and this morning I didnt see it on either. Can anyone explain this to me?
That would be the crop. That's where the food goes to be digested......kind of like a stomach.
I remember when I thought there was something wrong with my first chicks..... Did the same thing as you and came to BYC, very worried about "neck tumors.". An experienced BYCer reassured me it was a full crop and not to worry unless it was still there in the morning (because she bet it was a full crop, which would empty overnight).

She was right. And that's what you just learned, too.
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