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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Hi, I wrote a couple of days ago about my 5 month old B. O. rooster and his kind of strangled sounding crowing that started 3 days ago. Since then the only other symptom I have noticed is that after he crows there is kind of a bellows sound. Other than that he seems healthy and is eating, haven't seen him drink yet but then none of my birds seem to be drinking much in the winter. I have separated him but that means that he is outside the coop under cover. It is not terribly cold here in the pacific northwest but of course wet. He seems to be staying dry. I am worried that I am not giving him ideal conditions to heal whatever it is but an attempt to move him to another place was stressful for all. This way he is still near his girls and I think that stresses him less.

    But I don't know what he's 'got' . I haven't found this symptom in anything I've looked at and I have looked at everything respiratory as well as gape worm symptoms. Could an impacted crop affect his crowing???? I did put some straw in their coop about a week and a half ago and I have taken it out worried that he ate it or breathed something in from it.

    I am a newby to this and just can't seem to find what this is. I have added some extra protein (egg/hemp seeds) to his diet along with some kelp and I have put colloidal silver in his drinking water. He doesn't seem to be getting worse but his crowing sounds the same and he's crowing less so I am assuming it hurts him to do it.

    hoping for your wise advice. thanks
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    Are you sure he's not just trying to get his crowing right? They don't all start out perfect. I have a 6 mo. old roo that still hasn't got it down. He hangs his little head in shame every morning [​IMG] He alwasy sounds strangled/hoarse too.
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    ditto the statements above.
    If you are worried about respiratory symptoms or something from the straw you can get some oxine (or VirkonS) and mist the air several times a day ... see here:
  4. socks

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Pacific Northwest
    Thanks for the replies, he is sounding a tiny bit better today and he has been crowing for the last 10 minutes (making up for lost time?) so maybe it hurts less.
    About the idea that he is working out his crow....he did have a very nice crow before that. The people who walk their dogs by my place have been feeling proud of him the way we were when he finally got his crow worked out. Would he slip back??? This doesn't sound like it did when he was working it out, then he just seemed a few notes short.

    About the Oxine, I am interested in it having read a fair amount since it seems a milder but effective treatment. I just can't find it locally west coat B.C., Canada nor have the stores even heard of it. Getting a liquid from the states could be prohibitive in shipping/brokerage charges but if anyone knows where it order it from in Canada I will definitely get it. There may be other local sources I haven't thought of such as wine/brewery supply shops so I will check those too.

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