Still waiting


10 Years
Jan 28, 2009
northern Michigan
I'm still waiting for my peahen to lay this year. Last year was her first year to lay. She had about 5 or six eggs. My male wasn't quite old enough so I was thinking this year the two would get together and I might get some eggs to incubate. Now I have a male who is displaying like crazy and a hen who isn't producing.
They sure call back and forth a lot. (All night long). I'm hoping that since we've had such a cold spring here she is just running a little late. She started the middle of May last year so I keep checking, thinking "today's the day"! I see no evidence that anything is getting in and stealing the eggs although that's a possibility. As I've said before, peas are a lesson in patience. I guess I'm still learning.
My hen's not laying either nor are any in my area from what i undestand from talking to folks so ya aint alone

I am still learning to but i got lots of patience cause im older.

Hang in there.
I still have several hens that have not layed a egg this year. I have a 4 year old burmess male with two hens only one has layed and the male started dropping his tail. I guess the weather has the birds mess up. I have talked to other breeders and they are having the same problems
I am getting eggs but as DMfarms said I am pretty sure they are not all laying yet. The weather has been bizarre this year. In Ohio there has been way to much rain! Hope they all come around or it will be a tough peafowl breeding year. Good luck everyone

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