Stock up on incandescent light bulbs


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Aug 4, 2010
San Diego
That's a good idea. I was thinking of getting trained as a wildlife rehabber (which would include ducklings and chicks) and was thinking of making a temporary brooder until I could get them to a facility with "real" brooders. I didn't know they were going to stop selling the bulbs in a few years.


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Mar 28, 2009
Central NC
Yep! Us dumb customers weren't switching over to the Green energy savers fast enough so they made the manufactors quit making them. I have a few problems with that since the new bulbs contain Mercury vapor that I don't really want in my home. Break one and the room is continated with a really nasty substance which takes special skills and equipment to clean up. The effects of mercury posioning are well known they make you dumb and crazy (better to accept some of the other Green plans they have)They had better come up with diodes fast because it will be a cold day in H--- before I will install one of them in my oven or refrigerator so the vapor can leak out and get in my food. Speaking of cold have you ever tried to use a Fluorescent bulb in an unheated space or outside in the winter they don't work in the cold. The mercury vapor condenses to liquid mercury and the spark won't jump to convert it back to vapor. I use the 'twisty' ones in protected fixtures in the house but have found that they fail very fast in fixtures where the bulb is laying down. bulb up or down is fine but on the side just does not last. bulbs rated for years have failed within a week for me. Go Green!

Blooming chicks

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Mar 4, 2008
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Geez..I had no idea they were going to stop making incandescent bulbs. Nor did I know about the use of mercury in the fluorescent types. Where have I been? I need to read more news and less about ducks.

Buttercup Chillin

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Oct 27, 2008
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So the new twisties should work for heat lights in an outside brooder, just plan on using a higher wattage. Kind of defeats the purpose.

I tried one last winter and it didn't keep my brooder house warm enough, I would have had to use a higher wattage. I just used same wattage of standard style that time around. Just a heads up, when using them to provide a bit of heat for your babies. Keep a closer watch on the temperature where you use them.

I don't know how long I am going to live, so can't really stock up on a life time supply.
So I am just going to get used to the new ones. But I don't trust them. Figure its just another marketing gimmick to make us start buying again.

Hey, mine did better though. They lasted about a month before they burned out, the old ones are good for years. We may go back to using candles and kerosene lamps at this rate. At least then, we can afford the bulbs to keep the chicks warm or go with broodies.

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