STOLEN - Pekins, 1 male 3 female Blackwood South Australia


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
I've been reading this forum for a long time but don't often post. Unfortunately, my reasons for posting now are pretty distressing

Last night, our duck cage was opened, and 4 of our 5 Pekins are missing. The 5th was nabbed by a fox and we found her alive, but she just died. The cage was definitely locked and it's got a hard floor, so the fox didn't get in there. Both my wife and my neighbours heard footsteps in the early hours, as well as the ducks making a racket, which leads me to believe that someone has taken them. Our property is quite secluded but there is open access from all sides, and there is car access right up to the duck house. We've searched the surrounding area and given that we've found no patches of feathers, nor any other dead ones, I'm fairly confident they were stolen. Foxes have taken other ducks in the past but haven't got far due to their size.

I'm really hoping the online community might be able to provide me with some leads. These ducks were simply pets, and we loved having them around. I'm away at the moment and my wife is devastated.

PLEASE, if anyone has any leads, or their neighbour suddenly attained 4 new full size Pekins, 1 male, 3 female, PLEASE let me know, either here or by PM etc. We are in the Blackwood/Coromandel Valley district

The pic shows the 5 of them, as I'm not there right now, I'm not sure which of the 4 girls remain. The drake is the big fella 2nd from the right.

We will be reporting this to the police as well. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated
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That is awful, I hope you get some good leads and can get your ducks back home safe and sound.
so sorry for the duck that died.
im pretty sure this is happening to me because my land lords brother in law doesn't want my chickens here and my land lord doesn't care that there here but back to the point two of my chickens went missing one today and one the other day and the ones that are missing are the ones that will walk up to people and let you pick them up with no noises and the other two that are left are sorta scared of people if you pick them up they will make noises and try to get away and the one that went missing today he was just around my house and then 1 hour later hes gone no noises and no feathers
Yeh it was pretty horrible. I'm stuck on a mine site 1500kms into the desert when I got a distraught phone call from the wife.... It made for a bad day as I scrambled my folks and best mate to go on a search for them.

I simply cant understand who would do something like this.
I'm sorry to hear about your ducks. Someone tried to steal one of my parrots out of their old outdoor cage once. Thankfully they went right into full blown attack mode and the noise from them screaming and and the gy screaming from getting bit got me out there in a flash. I'll never understand some people. I just wish our ducks and chickens could defend themselves like my parrots can. They even scare my cats and dogs off with their attitudes, haha.

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