"Stomp" vs "Stall Dry"

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    Greetings! I was reading (in BYC) about the benefits of using Stall DRY[​IMG] Absorbent and Deodorizer as part of coop bedding. I checked with a local feed dealer on availability of Stall Dry (they don't carry it) -- said they were looking at carrying STOMP![​IMG] Horse Bedding Amendment.

    Anyone have any experience with using STOMP! in your chicken coop?

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    Stall Dry is diatomaceous earth and clay in a granular form.
    Couldn't find the ingredients for Stomp other than clay.
    I would use clay in a chicken coop because ....not good for them to eat and the possible dust.

    I'd recommend granular Sweet PDZ which is another horse stall product and is 99% zeolite, a mineral that absorbs ammonia. I use it mixed with sand in my poop boards and it works great at absorbing odors and drying things up.

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