Storms, Weather alert radio & tornado stuff..


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I'm so sick of it....

my weather alert radio keeps going off....

my basement will flood tonight if we get what is coming to us...and of course hubby works and it'll be up to me all night long to mop/squeeze the mop out..drag the buckets upside..dump it out...go back down..
redo it for hours upon hours...I HATE it...

We have been very lucky, the tornadoes that have been in our area (not lately) have petered out before they got to our small town..
I am so anxious aboutthis weather system...ugh...

we have a 7-8 out of 10 on the torcon scale from TWC...and southern IL has a 9/10...

just on edge...but we have been very blessed so far and I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL...
I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that the weather holds off for you! We don't normally get weather like that as it's mostly east of us but now they are saying it's a possibility that it could happen here. Thinking I probably ought to get some supplies put in the basement just in case.
hoping the weather stays safe where you are, we feel really sorry for ourselves when it rains for a week or two, I can't imagine how scary it must be to worry about REAL weather...
Just a bunch of rain and some lightening but nothing major. No sirens going off. However Ch 3 news kept blasting on the hour to hour about the storms and I thought jeez, talk it to death! If they can give me half an hour head way before the tornado hits, I'm good to go LOL!

I heard some sirens out of town tho. Annoying to say at the least of any indication of any thunderstorms, they have to blast it.
Keep in mind I know nothing about these but I've heard of them. Sump pumps. Would they be of help in a situation like yours?

Yes; but it is about $8,000 to get one put in, they'd have to dig my basement floor up, install it, put it back together etc...

and to completely waterproof my basement would be abotu $10-12,000 ugh
Mom, I got that problem too with our basement, every now and then, it would flood but only no more than two inches. We dont have a sump pump either. And yes on the cost, it would break us. What I don't get was the previous owner (a long time landlord), why he put a sub floor downstairs in the basement. When it floods, it gets the subfloor rafters wet. It had tile on there which I can not figure out why they would tile it unless to cover up the problem. We haven't gotten it ripped up yet but it is one of those things we are going to HAVE to.

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