Straddle leg


7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
I have a chick that we rescued from a dumpster at a local store, that sells chicks for the Spring. We have formally named her Grungetta. They thought that the chick was dead until a day later they heard it peeping. The chick spent an evening and a whole day there until it was discovered, faintly peeping. I really want to give this chick the best chance. Heres the deal... the chick was week at first but after force feeding it and giving it a little pick me up with some sugar water it has regained a great deal of strength. However it seems to be not using its right leg like it should. The leg sticks out to the side and the chick falls to the left. It does however manage to get to the food and water. I have looked at some info that points to straddle leg. Just curious if anyone had a ideas about how to further help this chick and if indeed it could be straddle leg, I have watched some videos that say to vet wrap the legs together. Im just unsure what to do because it only seems to be the one leg. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance .


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Jun 8, 2010
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