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    Hi All,
    I'm a newbie at this whole chicken ownership and we are just loving it! We have 11 chickens now with the oldest 4 laying fairly consistently. The other morning I opened the coop to let the chickens out and found my white leghorn just kind of laying by the door. When I went to set her down she just kind of dropped to the ground, almost like she was favoring a wing or something. She is alert, eating and drinking. Her bottom was fairly poopy. Coincidentally, my youngest chicken, a RIR (born July7 of 2009) is getting huge and acting very rooster-like. I got "her' and her sister from a hatchery so I thought I was safe in regards for my request of two pullets. Anyway, the RIR looks very rooster-like, is very dominant with food etc... and I've noticed some attempted mounting.
    So, back to my Leghorn. I was suspecting her to be eggbound. I gave her a nice bath, massaged her abdomen, didn't feel any kind of mass. I cleaned around her ovaduct and it seems to be fine (I noticed it opening and closing). While examining her underbelly I noticed that she is lacking feathers around the inner folds of her legs. Not sure if this is normal or not because I've never looked under the hood of any of my chickens before. What I'm suspecting is that the RIR may have tried to mount her and may have hurt her. Right now I'm keeping her inside in a cat carrier, giving her food and water. Keeping her extra warm.When ever I check on her she looks up with clear eyes and seems fairly norma. When I've tried to reintroduce her to the flock she seemed a little tentative, went over to get some feed to eat and then old bad boy RIR jumped on her. She just got really flat. Almost submissive. She will go out into the run with all the others, but just sits on a roost. When I call for "treats" all come running except her. She will eat them:rolleyes: if I drop them right next to her. Anybody have any ideas?
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    I am sorry your post got lost! How is she doing? Have there been any improvements?

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