Strange Behavior - A new Friend?


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Mar 28, 2013
So for the past week and a half every time I've gone into the spare room to tend to my chicks this one in particular keeps jumping on my arm.

As they are getting stronger he/she's (not sure) is learning that it's little wings can give it a bit of a push.

When I come into the room I find the this little one posting on top of the waterer or feeder as if waiting.

Then, when I come closer, the little one jumps with all his/her ferver towards my direction.

At first I thought this simply surprise, however just yesterday the little one took arm jumping to the next level and sprang up on my shoulder: perched itself there and got comfortable.

So I took the little one on a little ride throughout the house as I did my morning chores.

There he/she sat in my hoodie for quite some time with the occasional peep in my ear but otherwise seamed rather content.

Again he/she jumped to my shoulder this morning, though this time with stronger determination. Forgoing fresh water and treats, that the others began to ravage, seaming in favor of my neck instead.

So again I took him/her on my morning jaunt throughout the house. Even outside. The little one still never left my shoulder.

Oh! And the little one never pooped on me once!

I put him/her back and now, as I post, I can hear his/her beckoning peeps in the background as he/she
stands atop the feeder.

Perhaps I have a new friend.

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