Strange broody hen behaviour


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May 2, 2021
My year old welsummer recently went broody again after hatching out a chick a couple months ago.

Everything was fine up until about 4 days ago (2 weeks after starting to sit on the eggs). It started with her coming off the eggs for longer periods of time, up to an hour at times but the weather has been very warm so I wasn’t too concerned. However for 2 days now she is doing it more often, and the air temperature has dipped so the eggs have been cold. Also the past 2 nights I have gone out to close them in for the night to find her just standing alone outside in the dark.

At this point I don’t think the eggs will hatch, but it’s only a few days away from 21 days so will leave them a while and see what happens.
The main issue I have is her coming out and just standing around in the dark, has anyone else experienced this or know why she might be doing it suddenly?

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