Strange Chick Behavior


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Mobile, Alabama
We have a four week old chick. Today he started laying on his side and kicking his legs. When you pick him up, he seems fine...walking, standing, etc. However, he continues to lie on his side and kick his legs from time to time. Is this normal?
Hi and welcome to BYC... so glad you are here.

I had some four week olds that did that... they were trying to simulate taking a dust bath.

If it's eating and drinking fine and runs around with the other chicks, you don't have any worries.
That's CUTE! Yes, they try to dust bathe about that age...or at least mine did about that age. It's fun to watch them...the other's like to "help" too!
THANKS SO MUCH! We were worried about him/her. We will put some sand in there and see how he does...

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