Strange coloring in mixed chicken??? *Pics!*

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    Aug 19, 2008
    We tried mixing a Splash Cochin rooster with a Buff Orp hen(both standard). What we got as a chick really confuses me. [​IMG]

    Sorry, no pics, but I will describe her as best I can. Her name is Peanut and she is...about 13 weeks today. She hatched out from under a Buff Orp broody hen(we have two that are the same, not sure which is the mother), and when she hatched she was a very light light cream/white color. I was guessing that her father's splash colors would eventually show up, but...

    Today she looks like this: Completely pure white body, very light cream coloring mixed in with white on neck and head(barely visible unless you look closely), yellow legs, no feathered feet, pointy tail, and light yellow beak with some browning. The only thing that she has from her father, the Splash Cochin rooster, is the yellow/brown beak, large brown eyes,which both parents have, and white coloring. She gets her yellow feet, clean legs, light cream coloring on neck/head, pointy tail, cream colors, and beak color(except her mother has a peach colored beak). She has no puffy tail like her father, no splash coloring at all, and no feathered legs/feet.

    When you first look at her, she looks exactly like a white leghorn pullet! [​IMG] Except her face is different and she's not as thin-looking.

    Any thoughts? Why did she turn out completely white except for the cream coloring on her neck/head??? I know that she got the white coloring from the rooster but what about the other splash colors?

    Here's a pic of her as a chick, soon after hatching:

    Here's a pic of the Splash Cochin rooster she came from:

    And here's a pic of her two potential mothers:(not sure which one is hers)


    Pic of parents together:(Note: This was taken when the rooster was still young, but his splash coloring is darker seems really light in this pic. Look at the first pic of him)
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    Nov 18, 2008
    One thing I can tell you is that her mother is a cross bred not a Buff Orpington. They have white legs, and white is dominant over yellow.
    Anything can come out of cross breds
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    Jan 27, 2009
    Palmetto GA
    I am ofering you this: your boy is not pure for E extendet black.He may have one eb or ew .When one of them mix with ew Orpingtons will produce ew-ew or ew-eb + columbian from Orpingtons.Babie is white becouse of silver gene from the father and has yelow from dilute Orpingtons mahagony.Sorry for my English
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    While all look like very pretty birds, none look of typical type for their respective breeds.

    As David said the buffs were carrying the recessive gene for not white legs i.e. yellow legs. This is not correct for orpingtons. And, as ve said, the splash is also carrying other than expected genes.
  5. 77horses

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Quote:Really? Well Setherina does have some very faint gray/black marks mixed in with her buff-colored tail.
    So basically...we don't have "real" Buff Orpingtons??!! [​IMG] Then what are they? Their legs are white colored(same as their beaks) and their father(the Splash roo) has greenish/some yellow coloring feet. That's odd...then where did Peanut get her yellow legs/feet??

    I know that she got clean legs from her mother, and like you said, the white coloring from her father's silver gene, and the cream coloring from her mother.

    How can we figure out what our Buff Orps are crossed with?

    We got them from someone as chicks, not from a hatchery.
  6. Krys109uk

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    Then what are they?

    I am told quite a lot of people in US cross their Orps with rocks. Rocks have yellow legs.

    Their legs are white colored(same as their beaks) and their father(the Splash roo) has greenish/some yellow coloring feet. That's odd...then where did Peanut get her yellow legs/feet??

    In all non sex linked traits there are two genes. In the case of white legs & yellow legs, while legs are dominant. The mother clearly had one gene for white legs & one gene for yellow legs. Peanut inherited the yellow leg gene from her mother &, because the male two yellow leg genes (part of the green) she has also inherited one from him also.

    I suspect the markings on her tail will be dark blue rather than black. Also Peanut's father is probably not pure cochin as Peanut would have been expected to inherit feather legs from a pure splash cochin, also one would have expected her to be blue, probably with buff on head & breast.​

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