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    I have 2 chickens with some odd illnesses. First I have a 1 1/2 year old Light Brahma rooster. He developed a large lump on his neck and got rather listless. I thought he may have been snake bit as the flock free ranges and they often head for the woods. Anyway, he seemed to get worse and just sat around for a few days and then seemed to start having more energy so I assumed he was working out the poison. Then he started favoring his left leg/foot and then started not using it and hopping around. I took him to the vet who didn't have a clue but charged me $69 and gave me a couple antibiotic shots to give him. Anyway, he seems to have more energy but nothing like before and he definitely doesn't use the leg.

    My nes concern is one of my Plymouth Rock hens. She's about 3 years old and has always been a good layer and very broody. Right now she's trying to set but I won't let her have any eggs. She has gotten an issue with her head or the side of her face behind her left ear. It's bulging out. It doesn't seem to be tender or bothering her.

    Anyone know what these issues could be?[​IMG]


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    The barred rock hen may either have an ear infection, or possibly a tumor. It might take some probing with QTips and some hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal to find any gunk in there. Were your chickens vaccinated for Mareks disease? That virus can cause weakness and paralysis of one or both legs or wings, or the neck. Tumors are very common all over the body. If one gets sick again and dies, it would be good to contact your state vet dept. of agriculture, for a necropsy on one of the birds to look for Mareks or the cause of death.

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