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Jun 1, 2010
I hope someone has an idea here. Last night something knocked the door open to my chickens and grabbed a 4 pound rooster. I have 18 chickens or had.. whatever got this ripped it's head off, spread it's guts up the hill, de-feathered the breast ( hmm, is that a real word?), ripped it up some more and left it. I might add it did this even tho a rott and dobe are on the premisis. We don't mind if the fox, hawk or owl kill one..that's just nature, but this thing didn't even eat it or alert the dogs..any ideas? I have 4 acres of woods on a lake up north if that helps.
Coon - a raccoon will almost always start with popping off the head.

He may have been interupted by something else & left it. I've had them wipe out my entire flock before. leave a bunch of headless bundles all over.

Check with the local authorities - they will usually issue a neusance permit to remove the offender.
ya son and I saw a coon at the bottom of the property..I told him then they would kill chickens..didn't know about the head popping (gross). Thanks a bunch..guess it's time for him to go to racoon heaven:D We don't need permits out here. Anything in my yard can be disposed of as I see fit. We're lucky that way. Now if I can push the girls off the front door and tell them it's

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