Strange looking eggs


14 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Williamson, GA
Hey everyone. Some of my eggs have some strange discolorations, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what causes them. One egg has a dusky whitish coating, but not over the entire egg - just in some areas, and it's always circular. The coating cannot be rubbed off. Another egg has whitish speckles. I think these are coming from my RIR crosses. They seem to be fine inside.




I think this is normal, my eggs have splotches and speckles, and odd dusky stripes and waves one them too. I suppose the commercial egg businesses don't put those "odd" eggs in the cartons for sale to the public. (My reasoning being I have never seen them like that in the eggs I buy from the grocery store) They probably sell the "odd" shelled eggs other food companies that don't care about the looks of the shells.
You, mostly we end up eating them anyway, just not as fresh eggs, we get them in cakes and TV dinners and all that.... same for blood and meat spots.... I think even double yolks....

More of my eggs look odd than look "normal."
I get at least one or two every day that look like that. I think we get used to seeing perfect-looking eggs in the stores, so we have no idea that most eggs are funky looking in one way or another.

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