strange small egg


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Dec 30, 2008
Berkeleysprings West Virginia
strange small we found in the coop , from right to left are large ameraucana,,,,ameraucana,,, small silkie,,,,, than a very small egg. the only
thing i can think of its the 11 week old chckoo maran ... and thoughtds if this is possable ?.we do have a few partridge plymoth rocks but there eggs are usualy large
L*A*G* :

yes! fire up that bator and see.

I dont' think you'd really wanna do that. Since it's soo small, the chick may develop larger than the capacity of the egg and die anyway. Not to mention it may not have a yolk in the first place. These are called "fart" eggs. Happen every once in a while.
Yes it is probably the marans. It looks like a pullet egg. When they first start laying they sometimes lay one of those. She is just getting started and will produce normal ones soon enough. Sure is cute though. Often pullet eggs (also often called fart or wind eggs) don't have a yolk and they are almost always infertile even if you have a rooster.
LOL! I was going to say the same thing. It's probably a yolkless egg. I get a couple every year. I have a yolkless duck egg in the fridge right now because my daughter thinks it's "neat"

Last year I got one from one of my guineas.
Crack it open and I bet it probably either doesn't have a yolk at all or a very small remnant of one....

It is also possible for a young hen to produce an egg with no yolk at all. Yolkless eggs are usually formed about a bit of tissue that is sloughed off the ovary or oviduct. This tissue stimulates the secreting glands of the oviduct and a yolkless egg results.

Yolkless eggs also may occur if something prevents the yolk from entering the oviduct. In this rare case only the white gets enclosed in the shell and the egg is usually smaller. A chicken's yolkless egg will be about the size of a pigeon's normal egg.

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