Strange thing happened.


12 Years
Apr 21, 2007
SW Florida
I noticed one of cochin pullets acting strange, kind of droopy and wings hanging a bit. I picked her up and looked her over she looks fine. I started to rub her crop and I didn't feel any solid food in there. All at once an egg came out of her without a shell. Just the yellow and clear parts.

Do you think she is acting strange because she is getting ready to start laying. Or do I have something to worry about?
Yes it was her first. I've seen some lay thin shells but never no shell.

They get egg shells and yoguart as well as a good laying pellet.
One of mine just laid the same kind of egg, also a newbie. Isn't it kinda gross?? I'm glad, though, now I have 3 laying!

7 to go...
then she should be JUST FINE!! ,, i was worried when i found a "no sheller" the first time,, thought my hen was defective,,hehe,, but her next 1 was just fine,, and 1 of my 3 buff orps had a no sheller on her first.
i wouldnt worry bout it unless it becomes a habit

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