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    Jul 15, 2015
    Just wanted to share a story!
    We have 6 dark brahma hens and a buff brahma rooster we got about 5 months after we got the hens but they're about the same age. When we brought the rooster in, the hens were terrible to him for about 2 weeks. All were picking on him until he matured a bit and took charge..
    Came home a couple days ago to a little red hen in our yard. Figuring it was the neighbors, we shoo'd it back towards home. The next day, same thing.
    Today when we woke up it was out there again so we caught her and put her in the run with ours until we could get ahold of our neighbor to find out if it belonged to them.
    We watched them for a while to make sure they didn't destroy her.. Not one of them threatened her at all! They all let her eat and drink and scratch around like she has lived here all along!
    Thne we were expecting trouble at bedtime... We have 2 roosts, the less dominant hens sleep on the bottom while the roo sleeps with his favorites up top. He is known to knock hens down if he doesn't want them there.. Checked on them and shes snuggled between him and the biggest hen on the TOP roost.

    I still can't believe it... I have never heard of chickens being so accepting of newcomers, especially when ours don't have a history of being very nice to newbies ;)

    Come to find out she was our neighbors last one, the rest had been killed by something that got into their coop. He told us we could keep her if we wanted, that she still lays.

    So keep her we will :D

  2. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Mar 29, 2011
    :lol: How funny is that?

    I wonder if the hen visited your flock a lot more than you realized? :idunno Its pretty crazy she was accepted so easily, it's like they were long lost friends!

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