Straw or Hay?


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Now that summer weather is over, we're going to be getting lots of rain.. which means muddy chicken yard :lol:
We already had 2 days of rain anyway so we need to put down either straw or hay.

Between straw or hay, which is better?

I don't need any other suggestions, my dad is set on one of these two choices and there's no changing his mind.
We're going to the feed store later today after he gets home.
Use rice hulls... naturally water repellent Light to work with and a by product of the rice industry... Yes we do get gully washers of rain in the desert... and by the time the rain is over the top is drying.... Course the ground is very pourous here.

The chickens love em and spread them out on their own looking for little bits of rice left....

Not available every where... but Mallard Hill is the manufacturer Xpensive a bit... But I found one bag of hulls when applied is eqal to one and a half bags of shavings. At least for my horse....

for run I would go with straw, though I go keep a small bale of hay that they seem to like to munch on when theres not fresh greens in the yard
I know you are looking for just hay or straw... But do you have some/all of the run covered? If not, that might be a long term solution to wet and muddy. We are getting a soaking rain right now. The covered run is pretty dry.

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