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    Oct 11, 2011
    My friend recently had her entire flock killed, except one, by a maurading weasel family, while they were on vacation. She asked if I would take in the lone surviver, which I did.

    So, this poor chicken was totally traumatized by the attack on her flock and now is trying to integrate into my existing flock....therefore is quite stressed.

    My flock of 10 assorted breeds is 7 months old, the newby is 2 yr. She has been with us 5 days, and is mostly accepted into the flock, at least more major confrontations. My largest bird, a Buff Orphington, appears to be the dominent bird.

    The biggest problem now is that the newby really isn't eatting. I am using the same food she received prior to the trauma. When the group free ranges she scratches around some and pecks at the ground, but I can't imagine she is receiving any substantial nutrition. I have tried all sorts of treats to no avail. She is drinking water. She doesn't appear to be physically injured in any way, just stressed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to help her get back to eatting? Will it just take more time? Will a bird actually die from failure to thrive due to stress?

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    She's probably in shock.Introducing one bird into a flock is hard on a bird. I intro one girl to my flock & it actually took over a year for the others to finally except her. In the morning while in the coop she wasn't allowed to get off the roost. I had to bring her a bowl of oatmeal & a bowl of water everyday & she would eat it on the roost. Then I'd let them range & she would hide in the woods. I'd go get her & she would ride around with me in my golf cart while I did my chores. My rooster fell in love with her & helped her get in the coop & on the roost every night.
    It was quite an ordeal something I'll never do again trust me. She's my favorite chicken thats for sure. She now is excepted in her flock but it was time consuming & a challenge. The little girl never stood up for herself & didn't like to be picked on so she would run from them. I moved her up in the pecking order by isolating others for months at a time so she's not on the bottom any more.
    Keep an eye on yours & you will have to get creative on how you handle the situation. Just be prepared & give it time. Don't give up. Try anything & everything. Good Luck!!

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