Strong Rain and wind tonight and tomorrow.

Jul 13, 2018
Southern California
Hey guys. Right now it’s pretty windy right now and, my hens seem fine. They look pretty calm. Also, it rained about 30 minutes ago. So, I’m mostly concerned that they might get really cold and huddle up. The last time it rained, they were only a few weeks and in the brooder. So, should I get the old heat lamp or should I do something else to their coop. They might gets drenched in water. Can chickens get hypothermia? If you have any tips, that would be really helpful. Thanks!


Scarborough Fair
6 Years
Jul 3, 2016
WA, Pac NW
My Coop
My Coop
Wind and rain shouldn't be an issue as long as your coop is fairly waterproof and vents are oriented properly for your location.

If you're in CA, unless up in the high mountains, you will never get cold enough to worry about supplemental heat past the first few weeks. Your chickens have a natural down coat that keeps them plenty warm.

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