Stunted Layers?

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    Jun 3, 2010
    Well I thought I had two, out of three, layers last week. The first started over two weeks ago at 19 weeks old. One medium sized egg a day. Then, I thought one of our other hens started a week ago because all of a sudden we got two eggs in one day and the second was a HUGE egg. We figured our second hen was laying because she's a different kind of hen than our first layer (a Delaware vs. a Barred Rock). But then we ate that egg and realized it was from our original layer only it was a double yolker. Since then we've gone back to one medium egg a day for the last five days.

    So now that my girls are coming up on 22 weeks of age... why aren't the other two laying? Am I doing some thing wrong? They were all born on the same day, so they are the same age. They are all fed the same and get the same amount of activity. So why still only one layer?

    Even more concerning is one of my girls (the other Barred Rock) STILL hasn't gotten her full comb and wattles. But she's the same age as the other two who do. Does that mean she won't lay?
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    theres lots of posts about egg laying right now, every bird is different and matures at different rates, evidently the girl with the smaller comb and wattle is growing slower give it time your lucky you have 1 laying already ... look at your egg laying girl and her maturity, when the others look similar they are probably close to laying.

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