Stupid Game Camera....or computer


14 Years
Oct 20, 2008
I put up a game camera couple months ago to watch what may be trying to get my hens and it worked well for a while. Then one day I got the SD card out and my computer wouldnt read it to look at the pics. I tried a few things to fix it. Nothing. It seemed the batteries needed replaced so I did that. Computer still wont read it.
So I put a camera up Ive had long time that I used in the barn no problem. Got the card out today and same deal. So now Im wondering if its not a stupid game camera but a stupid computer.
The card I had in the reliable camera I put in my digital camera and it said unrecognized format. I always format the cards before using. So now Im wondering what the heck Im doing wrong. Ive always done this the same way and have used game cameras for years. Its going to be very frustrating if I cant look at the pics on my computer because its the one being stupid and not the camera.

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