Stupid Gecko!!!! Update


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
The poor little guy now has a honorable spot in the garden next to my beloved fish, Susan Boyle, and some slugs that were underneath the plant that I moved...

So yesterday morning I found a gecko in my coffee maker.. Second one in a week, but this wouldn't move!!! I tried poking it, shaking the coffee maker, nothing. And I have one those fancy coffee makers with the holding pot on top, it comes out of the spiget when you put your cup underneath. It was in an awkward spot, and wasn't coming out on my accord. So I decided to make coffee anyways, thinking that it would be smart enough to move it got too hot.... Well, after my coffee finished brewing I went to check on it. Still there!! Only now dead!
I now have a DEAD gecko in my coffee maker!!!! And I still can't get it out! It's been in there for a whole day!!! And now I don't know how to get it out!! Dead creatures are not my thing, and my husband is gone right now and won't be back for weeks. Weeks!! Dead creatures are supposed to be a man's job. I can't do this, every time I open the lid to look in the it hits the geckos head and I moves a little bit, I scream drop the lid and run back out of the kitchen. That's how I role.. I'm so upset about this it's ridiculous. I wonder if I should take it out to the back yard, cold coffee, grounds and all and shake it upside down. Sigh....
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Good idea with the reverse duct tape. We have a drawer full of of chop-sticks, now I just have to find the duct tape...

I didn't mean to kill it!! I feel so bad for it, if I can ever get it out I was going to bury it next to my beloved fish, Susan Boyle... I hope it had a good life eating bugs and other weird things in my kitchen..
I don't gross out at too many things but you made coffee in a coffee pot that you knew had a Gecko in it..........
LockedHearts, point well taken.. But it's not the geckos that gross me out, well unless they are dead in my coffee maker.... It's the roaches..
And Hawaii has many, I found a HUGE on on the outside of the back screen door a couple weeks ago, I could have a put a saddle on that thing and gone around the neighborhood, lol.

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