Stupid Newbie needs URGENT help, please.


Jan 3, 2016
We're hatching newbies.
When we hatched out our chicks the other day, I suspect the temperature/humidity wasn't right because some dried out and died in the shells.
Three ducklings pipped this morning and I was worried the same thing would happen so I just helped them out. Stupid mistake because two hadn't absorbed their yolks. Is there anything I can do to give them a fighting chance at living?
Please be gentle on the negativity, I know I've messed up :/


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May 2, 2015
Whats done is done. If theres any bleeding add a dab of flour to the active bleed to help plug the leak. If the chick is still partly in the shell keep the humidity real high. They will absorb the yoke as long as they don't damage the yoke sack to badly before its absorbed you should get lucky.

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What is done is done, but a pipped shell doesn't mean it is ready to hatch. just the chick wanted some air, while it was absorbing it's yolk. best to leave in egg 24hrs, at least before helping, (future) anytime you see blood on a help, stop!!!


Nov 7, 2015
Don't feel bad,i did it the other night.I helped out about 5 out of 7.One was was the largest chick and smallest egg that I have seen,plus it was coming out small end,my grandson got it out shell,and it died.The rest of the ones we helped out we just got head un done,they were all shink wrapped with membrane,and couldn't move.A few more we left shell on chick and left yoke alone.They were so bound up it took forever before they could unfold.We also had a few died in shell during night,and one that the membrane dried up.Im getting better at it,but only help if I think they wont make it The little fat yellow one came out same sized egg as little one on right.hes one of the ones I had trouble with,the ist one was bigger than the yellow one but it had a small egg.I believe it was a silkie


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