Subscription Email Question


Feb 28, 2015
Northern Idaho
@Nifty-Chicken thank you for the "test".
another Q: i get hundreds of notifications in my email account every day of BYC threads and forums.... where is a list of my "subscriptions"?
It seems i am getting notifications of ALL the threads and forums on BYC. every day i have to delete hundreds of emails from BYC.... help
Go to your
Account>Preferences and check or uncheck the boxes as desired for your notifications for email
i dont remember which thread or forum it was on when i first asked my Q about all the email notifications i was getting and the first time you answered me was in another thread or forum and you had said "this is a test" to see if i could follow your instructions and accomplish turning off my notifications.... and i did accomplish that, so i said "thank you for the test"
that is all.

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