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    Regardless of the devices you are using to access BYC you all have an "ACCOUNT" section.
    In the account section you will need to located 6 different areas. (It's only 6 not 100 ;))
    I will list the 6 areas here first then attach pictures of what these areas look like using Safari on a desktop computer. There may be one or five boxes relating to emails in each section, so please make sure you READ every line item in each section.
    1. Contact Details
    2. Privacy
    3. Preferences
    4. Alert Preferences
    5. Subscribe Newsletter
    6. Trading Preferences

    1 Contact details.png 2 Privacy.png 3 preferences .png 4 Alert Preferences.png 5 Subscribe News.png

    6 Trading.png
    While viewing your watched threads list you can turn off email notifications too
    See how here:
    email_5.png email_6.png email_7.png
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    I've added a new "Guide" prefix to this section of the site, and added it to this thread :)
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    JUST noticed another place to check for emails notifications.
    When viewing your WATCHED THREADS list...
    look here: (MANAGE WATCHED THREADS drop down box) (Safari Desktop Pic below)
    Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 4.55.37 PM.png
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    I'm not finding the 'Manage watched threads drop down box.' When I click on Watched Threads, My UNread Watched Threads comes up. Should I see it here somewhere?? THANK YOU
    Disregard.... I finally found it, lol.
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    @Miss Lydia
    Hi Ladies... thought i would tag you to make sure you saw this post. you may already have knowedge of this information?? xoxoxo
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    You will need to scroll to the bottom of that list...the one in your picture...and click on SHOW ALL WATCHED threads FIRST....then At the top of this list you will have the drop down list like in my picture in post #4 here.
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    i hit the "watched threads" and the watched forums" and went into each thread or forum and then chose the "unwatch this thread or form"
    hope this helps someone.
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    Very helpful! Thank you!
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    1st post has been updated.
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