Solved "Subscriptions" vs. "People You Follow"


Nov 28, 2016
Douglas County, Minnesota
Have a question about how "People You Follow" works.

On the old site, most of the content in my subscriptions (Watched Threads/Watched Forums now) was based on users I subscribed to.

BYC generates A LOT of content, and I haven't been up to making the kind of lifestyle changes necessary to keep track of everything, so instead when I identified someone that sounded like they had insights I was interested in, I followed them. Then any of their posts would be added to the display of my subscriptions, and I could follow along.

When I navigate to Watched Threads here on the new site, I don't see that content. At least one of those users I follow has posted here on the new site, but I haven't found where that information is displayed.

What is accomplished by following a user? I assume that means their posts will be displayed somewhere, but haven't found where yet.

I love the green SOLVED box/picture/icon...what ever it's called!
It is a thread prefix, moderators and admins can apply it to threads in this subforum.

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