Sudden Neurological Troubles

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by mangled, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Last night, when they all went in for the night, my white broad breasted turkey was fine. She strolled into the coop with the others, and they were locked up tight at their usual time.

    When I went out to let them out this morning, I noticed my "Turkey Bird" was not there for the morning scratch throw down, which is, for her, highly unusual. I found her in the coop, walking in circles and running into the walls.

    I left her in the run today, and she seems to be sleeping a lot. When she is up and moving, it's to walk in circles. I think she's blind.

    All the other birds, which is a mixed bunch of hens, and the ducks slept in the coop last night, all tumbled out the door just fine this morning.

    Any ideas? She's about 3 months old, free ranged and supplemented with scratch and a mix of gamebird starter and layer's crumble. They all get table scraps, etc., and she's known to share some dog food with our one outside dog. I'm assuming, since she was out with the flock all day yesterday, that if she would have gotten into something poisonous, I'd have more than one sick bird. She's pretty tight with my hens and rooster.

    We don't use pesticides of any type, and there are no neighbors. We're a couple miles from the next house.

    I'm seriously bummed out. She was quickly becoming my favorite. [​IMG]


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