Suddenly aggressive rooster - what to do?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by thehappyhens, Jul 20, 2016.

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    I have eight 5 month old chickens, and I have recently been allowing supervised time with my other flock to allow them to merge eventually. One of these chicks to my dismay was a rooster, he is a crested polish, Sampson. I actually LOVE him, I was literally just talking about how much I liked his personality. He didn't mind being handled, and would race right up to me. Anyways, while all the chickens were out I figured everyone was getting along so I went inside to get a drink. After a few minutes I returned outside, and the stupid rooster went after me - I had to shove him backwards 5-ish times before he angerily walked away. I just kind of shrugged it off, and figure maybe he was in a bad mood - lol! But, then he did the same exact thing later in the day. I'm just really flustered with him, and I don't want him to act like this. I have children that come to my home and love to spend time with my "petting zoo", but a nasty rooster cannot live here. I'm hoping he is maybe just going through some sexual maturation and it will eventually calm down? Is there a way to just asset dominance over him and stop him from attacking?
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    I think he was punishing you for leaving, something roosters will do to wandering hens. Friendly roosters that run right up to you often consider themselves dominant over you. He probably won't stop and the attacks will escalate from here. It's best to not handle roosters and to keep them wary of you from the start. They become confused and often think their keeper is a part of the flock which he controls as he reaches sexual maturity. You can try some of the techniques like carrying him or squirting him, but most don't seem to work. It's best to raise them right from the start to prevent it. Sorry.
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    My other rooster who was raised the same has never had any issues. Nor any other roosters who I know were raised similarly by family and friends. None of my chickens have ever had issues, thanks for the thought though.
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    I had a Buff crested Polish Rooster and he was aggressive also. He no longer lives here because he would attack me all the time.
    The safety of yourself and the children should come first. Sadly his attacks will only get worse.
    Good luck.
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    x2! He always rushed up to you? That's your first clue that he will not turn out well. He will be dangerous, and needs to be gone, to someone's crock pot preferably. Polish cocks do have a reputation in the USA for being human aggressive. My neighbor had a group some years ago, and the mildest cockrel turned into Godzilla one day and caused real injuries to a family member. Mary

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