Suggestions for feeding/treating rescued (found) chicken?

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    A lost chicken turned up on the parking lot at my S.O.'s office today... very odd location for a stray chicken, since it's in an industrial park bounded by woods and highways. At any rate, J. asked me to come and see if I could catch it, which I did with little difficulty; the chicken came right up to me when I shook a container of pigeon feed (closest thing to chicken feed I had on hand), and within a couple of minutes I was able to catch it by the legs and put it in a carrier. It protested slightly, but was obviously used to being handled and settled right down.

    It appears to be quite young, no comb or wattles yet, and is very thin & scruffy. It's fully feathered, but in some stage of moulting- many of the feathers still have sheathing on the bottom - and has a round bald patch above the tail; looks like maybe it was getting picked on by others. Aside from being scruffy, thin, and dirty, it seems to be in OK shape; no injuries, eyes and nostrils are clear, and it's "BAR" (bright, alert, responsive). We stopped by a local bird rescue and they checked it out, and they also saw no signs of significant injury or illness.

    At any rate - I know a bit about chickens (have friends who keep them, and have done a bit of reading up since I'd been thinking of getting few one of these days), but thought I'd ask in here for suggestions:

    1) I'm not sure if I should try to do anything about the bald patch or just wait to see if the feathers grow back with a bit of rest and care. Thoughts?

    2) Any suggestions on feed and/or or feed additives to help get it back to a better weight, and to help with regrowing feathers? I'm thinking maybe feeding something with high protein content?

    3) I"m thinking it might be a good idea to treat with antibiotics even though it seems fairly healthy other than being run-down, and also to worm it - any suggestions for OTC products?
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    I think that you have the right idea as to what to do. I wouldnt do the antibiotics though. It kills the good with the bad and if seems pretty health I would skip it unless it started showing signs. Give it at least and 18% or 20% crumble or pellet. You could give it some save-a-chick or high performance vit/electrolite in its water. Can you post a pic of it? Im not sure about the deworming if its really young you might not want to do it.
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    Quote:Thanks for the suggestions. Re pictures, see the "What breed/gender is this area of the forum" - I have a thread going over there & uploaded a number of pictures.
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    If in moult no worries...if it was a parasite the rescue would have caught want to speed up feather growth give it 14-15 hours of light. If in doubt you can mist it with Adams (for dogs). That pretty much kills it all..lice, mites, fleas. Feed-for feather growth you michg want to kick up the protien...go to a gamebird/showbird either straight or mixed with the 18%. Lots of yummy hard boiled eggs and yummy yogart and yummy fruits veggies and greens...and walah youll have a brand new bird. Steer clear of the wormer and antibiotics unless its sick and it doesnt sound sick! [​IMG] good luck!
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    Mar 14, 2011
    It's going to need at least one friend.......
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    Quote:Eventually, yeah, I'll probably get another hen or two - was considering that down the road anyway. No rooster, though; one of our neighbors would have a fit.

    I've actually been WANTING to have a few hens, but the budget's tight right now (moved a few months ago, and just now started looking for work), and S.O. wasn't 100% on board with the idea. However *he's* the one who called me to come and see if I could catch her, and he knows me well enough to know that odds were good I'd want to keep her. [​IMG]

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