Suggestions for selecting Silkie Cockerel for breeding


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Aug 11, 2015
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hey everyone! Hope all of you are doing fine. I wanted to ask for some suggestions about choosing the Silkie Cockerel for my breeding pen, So the thing is that I have got two Silkie males, Male-A 8 months old and Male-B who is 6 months old. Their photos are attached below along with brief summary

Con: As per my assessment, he is a bit smaller in size, has a large Comb and subsequently smaller crest.

Cons: He is normal in size, but has a bit lighter Comb, missing feathers on middle toe and a few hard feathers in his tail.

So guys please help me choose the right guy for my gals. The Silkie hens are nice birds, something in-between pet/breeder quality birds with good crests and feet feathering.
Anyone else who would like to comment?

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