12 Years
Dec 18, 2009
I have this one silkie chick of 2 that were born on the 8th of last month. They have been having supervised time in the courtyard lawn with their mom for 3 hours a day. He (I don’t know the sex but based on the story I and the way he looks at me from his perch on the water bottle I believe it is a “He”) seems to have a death wish. The first day I caught him trying to down a long shriveled mushroom. I did not know we had mushrooms as none were visible otherwise I would not have let them into the area. It must have been cut by the mower and laying in the grass. I was sure it was poisonous and pulled it out of his mouth as soon as I caught him. Today he took a greater death defying step. I found him with wasp in his mouth. I noticed it because when his mom (Uma) came upon it while pecking at the ground she jumped and ran the other way. He didn’t follow her queue and decided to grab it with his beak. I snatched it from him before he could swallow it and I got stung on my finger in the process. Looking at my finger right now I believe that if the wasp had stung him internally it would have been the last thing he ever ate. On top of this, I really do think he resents me because I keep on taking all of his “great finds” away from him. No good deed goes unpunished.
I have got to do something. I am soooo careful about the grass they are in... I have a rolling magnet that we go through the yard with, I had the grass in the courtyard changed to a celebration bermuda (putting green grass) and cut at .5 of an inch so it is easier for them to walk around in, I have a pest company every month get rid of any ant hills or the occasional mole and instead of sweeping the porch it gets vacuumed so there are no little pieces of debris that they might want to ingest. I am like the first time parent that gives the kid a new pacifier every time it gets dropped… I “chick proofed” the courtyard and I still am having trouble with this one.
barnie.gif doesn't matter how well you comb their grazing area...their eyes are oh-so-much-sharper than ours. I believe there must be a written guarantee somewhere...if you don't want them to have it, they will find it.

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