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    i got a sultan hen a few months ago and i was wondering a couple of things about her. she has everything a sultan should have, a crest, a beard, vulture hocks and feathers on her feet. but she doesnt have a v-shaped comb, she has some other type of comb. what do you think?


    this isnt the actual color of her feathers it was just wet :

    see the comb?
  2. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    does she also have 5 toes? looks like a hatchery sultain
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    She is still a cute Sultan even if she doesn't exactly meet breed standards. I have ordered chicks from the hatcheries that wouldn't be show quality, but I love them anyhow.
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    yes she has 5 toes and i bought her from a lady off of craigslist who hatched her from some eggs she got from ebay.
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    if anyone is still there, what is the difference between a hatchery sultan and a purebred sultan?
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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Hatchery quality chickens usually do not meet the breed standards, having faults or disqualifications. Hatcheries breed for quantity, not quality, and often characteristics of the breed degrade, such as developing improper combs, not enough foot feathering or crests in breeds that have them, and sometimes having the wrong color skin. A hatchery chicken may be purebred, but is often a poor example of the breed. That doesn't mean they don't make wonderful pets, though! I have some hatchery wyandottes who are some of the friendliest birds I have and who lay well for me. They won't win any shows, but they're fine for my farm.
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